The people who were considered as respondent of the study are those greatly involved in the Barangay level in the enforcement of R. Often, the agency is given a program specified in the legislation. This was used to determine the assessment of the respondents on Effectiveness of the VAWC enforcers in the Barangay level according to the Operational Procedures of the R. Children – it refers to those below eighteen 18 years of age or older but are incapable of taking care of themselves as defined under Republic Act No. Definition of Terms 1.

Some of the more obvious qualities and characteristics–integrity, honesty, calm under pressure, and strength–may be the first things that come time mind. Economic Violation – refers to the act that will make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent and submit to the will of the perpetrator or offender. The infrastructures projects all over the city is a proof of its economic growth. However, there were some questionnaires which are not yet answered and so it was agreed to give a return call before going to the said office for the retrieval. Review of Related Literature………………………………. What is the level of implementation of RA in the Brgy. The inclusive months of the study covers from January to October , barely 10 months.

This may be attributed to the awareness of more women of their rights and protection under the law brought about by the information campaigns conducted by various stakeholders. Ultimately, the judiciary may become involved and the legislators may need to later clarify their ends and means. Profile of the Respondent Table 1: Some use this word to describe the process thesus turning formal plans — often very detailed conceptual plans that will affect many — into reality.

Range 5 Very Effective VE 4.

(DOC) Assesment on VAWC RA | Mikaela Lobusta and Arantxa Stefi Leyva Santos –

Awareness of 25 Only 2 respondents represented by 2. This fulfills the vision of the City Government of Muntinlupa.


Little did they know the people they love and trust is the people that are going to abuse them? Also, this chapter presents findings rw the questions raised in the 2962 of the Problem in Chapter 1. While a historic number of laws and policies against violence are now in place, implementation is still lagging behind. He was a native of Mundare, Canada. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

thesis ra 9262

Univariate analysis or examination across cases of one variable at a time will be presented using the following measures: The tjesis of funds for training will surely impact on the quality and effectiveness of police services and social welfare and development services and programs, as well as the responsiveness of prosecutors in the Department of Justice. The researchers rank this as Neutral.

Crime Rates on Violence against Women and Children There were only minimal instances of reports of such violence and that these cases come very seldom and are very limited as compared to other neighboring barangays. Sexual Violence – refers to the act of causing or attempting to cause the victim to engage in any sexual activity by force, threat of force, physical or other harm or threat or physical or other harm or coercion.

But despite of the country ‘s laws and provision that ought to protect women and their children, no one could still deny that there is needed, cases of human violation in our country that remains to exist and unsettled.

thesis ra 9262

Law has to put measures into place how to avoid an infectious disease that has been known in human history or occurred in certain part of the world. Awareness that she can file 24 To verify the results and findings of the study, it was compared with the standards.


Children who witness or experience violence at home may have long-term physical, emotional, or social problems. Solutions to the Limitations of RA Profession Profile of the Respondents………………….

thesis ra 9262

And when a mistake is theeis a good law enforcement officer or professional will recognize the mistake, acknowledge it, be accountable for the mistake and rectify it. She found out that there is 1 Lack of specific appropriation in the law. Extent of Level of Awareness………………………………………. With this data, we further assert the following: Therefore, this 92622 suggests to the Liberian authority to enact a law specifically on infectious diseases and how to handle them at times of their outbreak.

Women’s Awareness on the Law on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children

The Process is about the Assessment through Survey Questionnaire, Interviews, Observations and Statistical tools while, The Output is the outcome of the study which is to provide an assessment in the implementation of thrsis Operational Procedure on R. Communication – refers to the operational procedure in which the barangay enforcers communicate to the VAWC victim-survivors and coordinate to other concerned agencies.

In other words, the one handling the job is knowledgeable of the nature of the services.

This is one of the challenges which our country is facing today — the growing cases of domestic violence against women and children. Not only these women and children should protect themselves, but the whole community must be informed so that we can all help fight violence against women and children. Skip to main content.